Monday, April 13, 2009

Eskimo Dave on The Big Bang Theory! (Season 2 Episode 20)

Hi all
So i got into work today and found an email waiting for me from my Eskimo Dave Editor/Writer/Colourist/Letterer (he does everything after the lines basically) Mike Devito -

The email was a couple of screen caps from the latest episode og one of my favourite TV shows, the Big Bang Theory - and in the background of the comic shop they visit are a few of th3rdworld's titles - amongst very own Eskimo Dave!
So needless to say i was a little excited.
Anyway, for those interested here are the pics - they are rather small and will take some eagle eyes I'm sure, to be able to catch them in the show - but who cares - they are still there!
Now I really need to get back and finish the second book - and the arc that hasnt been updated for a good year...

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